Golden Ears Jazz Band
member: Hans Coesel





I am an old geezer from 1947, originally from the Netherlands, and never had any formal music lessons.  I ended up playing the trombone because our music director wanted us to learn how to read music better.

Because I am a diabetic and I am able to avoid taking medication, we substitute long daily walks and spend our holidays on a bicycle.  We cycled the Oregon and California Coasts, did the ferry circle route in BC, cycled from Langley to Newfoundland, from Amsterdam to Santiago de Compostella in Spain and from Amsterdam to Basel.  This year we will go from Glasgow, via Harwich through Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and back to Amsterdam on our bikes.  Last year we did not cycle, but walked 500km of the Camino in Spain.  On all of these trip we carry our own housing.

Outside of the physical, my interests are computers, reading, soccer (French/Spanish/Dutch style), cooking the odd special meal and watching full length spy type thrillers.