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The Golden Ears Jazz Band is a contemporary jazz ensemble based around the Maple Ridge community. Founded in 2004, the band performs 60's and 70's, jazz style contemporary, big brass sound, with some rhythm-blues, funk, swing, and a touch of classic rock.

The band began as a small group dedicated to providing an environment where musicians could gather to enjoy playing music and promote music involvement within the Maple Ridge community. Golden Ears Jazz Band has contiuned to expand and now travels throughout the Lower Mainland to share their enjoyment of jazz music.


Alto Sax:

Colin Murray
Nedra Casoria
Marty Muchowski


Gale Yip
Noreen Moss
Hans Coesel
Byron Yip

Tenor Sax:

Dan Thiele


Michelle Muchowski

Alan Ketcheson
Steve Lazarus

Bari Sax:

Tom Middelveen


Gail Sattler


Gwen Champagne


Richard Champagne

Tenor Sax & Vocals:

Rebekah Bell


Al Crout


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