Golden Ears Jazz Band
member: Michelle Muchowski

Michelle Muchowski



Michelle is one of the trumpet players in the Golden Ears Jazz Band. Prior to 2001 her only adventures into music were singing to the radio and Karaoke, but when she picked up a trumpet and joined the CAP Band program, she hasn't put it down since. Sources say she still sings to the radio, but this has not been confirmed. Michelle quickly progressed through the Beginner Community and Parent band to the Advanced program with her husband Marty, who plays alto sax but did not join the Golden Ears band with her because he liked sports better. Michelle has also participated in the Merritt Christmas Parade, where she once got lost but thankfully managed to rejoin the parade before Santa came. Having found her way, she also participated in the Kamloops Christmas Parade, Penticton Peach Festival and Hedley Stamp Mill Days. Michelle's children are also talented musicians who play trumpet and alto sax, and sing in the school choir. Her dogs Madison and Denny also sing, much to the neighbor's dismay. When she is forced to be away from her trumpet, Michelle has a day job as a Resource Manager.