Golden Ears Jazz Band member: Nedra Casoria





Nedra Casoria plays Alto Sax for Golden Ears Jazz Band as well as functioning as our much needed librarian. She also plays clarinet and admits to "a little" piano (versus a "big" piano?) She has always loved listening to jazz, and when her sons were in school, this was what it took to get her to start playing jazz. With the knowledge of her clarinet behind her, Nedra picked up a saxaphone, joined beginner concert band, and hasn't looked back, and Golden Ears Jazz Band is very happy for that!

Nedra and her husband have two grown sons and two yappy little dogs, who don't necessarily go together. Instead of grandchildren, a couple of times a year Nedra gets to babysit her sister's Chrylser Le Baron Convertable while her sister is away cruising around Miami, so even though it is a sacrifice, Nedra generously makes sure the car does not sit idle in the driveway. When she's not making music, Nedra helps our environment by working at a tree seedling nursery where she makes sure there are enough seedlings for the tree planters to re-plant them in Northern BC, Alberta, the US Pacific Northwest, and Alaska.