Golden Ears Jazz Band
Rebekah Bell

Rebekah is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. While she teaches full time as a secondary school music teacher, her artistic outlet will always be jazz, through and through. Working with experienced jazz artists and mentors, Rebekah continuously strives to improve her craft. Her most recent project is a full-length jazz album produced by Joani Taylor ( recorded at Armoury Studios with Bob Murphy (piano), Doug Stephenson (bass), and Buff Allen (drums), and sound engineer David Hayes. Artists that have influenced her include Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Holly Cole, Sarah Vaughan, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Dinah Washington, Blossom Dearie, Karrin Allyson, and Nancy Wilson. 

Rebekah is firmly entrenched in the styles that fall under the jazz umbrella. From bossa novas by Jobim, to blues tunes by The Beatles, to jazz standards by Jimmy van Heusen, her love of jazz and her familiarity with the vast array of songs and styles have given her a feel for jazz that is evident in her voice, sense of timing, phrasing, ever present groove, and her understanding of the fundamental drive in her art.
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