Golden Ears Jazz Band
member: Steve Lazarus




Steve started trumpet in 7th grade and soon started incorporating trumpet into his pastime of composing with his keyboard and computer program. It wasn’t long before he was writing songs for stage band, two of which were performed by his school stage bands in junior and senior high school. He was in the horn section of a funk/rock band during high school as well, which played at elementary schools, outdoor festivals and the like. By then he was also playing piano/keyboard (and a little bit of trumpet) and leading the singing with various church groups.

Not long after high school Steve got a diploma in classical music through Capilano College in order to take their music therapy program. He got in, then changed direction and his trumpet went in the closet for 15 years or so. When his daughter started playing the clarinet at school he practised with her a few times and started thinking about playing again. During one of her band concerts he decided to go for it, came across the GEJB and was excited to hear they had a spot open for a trumpet player.

When he’s not playing trumpet Steve may be found hanging out with his family, checking heart rhythms at Abbotsford Hospital, or playing indoor soccer at the Maple Ridge rec centre.