Golden Ears Jazz Band
member:Tom Middelveen

Tom Middlelveen






Tom learned to play the tenor sax in junior high-school and continued to play in a marching band as a cadet in high-school and also at university.  After over a ten-year break from playing, Tom reacquired the skill when he joined the local volunteer military brass and reed band (the 14 Wing Greenwood Brass & Reeds) while serving in the Air Force in Greenwood, Nova Scotia and played with that band for thirteen years.

Tom retired from the Air Force in 2010 after a 28 year career as an Aerospace Engineer and moved with his wife Kerry from Nova Scotia to the family blueberry farm in Pitt Meadows.  Other than farming, Tom is a Military Engineer in the Army Reserve in Chilliwack and also does security work serving summons and subpoenas for the Abbotsford Police department.

In addition to playing jazz, Tom is also an avid runner and can often be seen running the trails and dykes around Pitt Meadows.